Carolyn Heil

Ph.D. Education

Allison Park

Phone: 412.366.7754

Following a career in program and training development in education and industry, I devoted myself to studying wellness and personal growth processes for a wide range of clients. These efforts resulted in my obtaining certificates in MARI, Quantum Energy Transformation (QET), and IONS “Conscious Aging Workshop” facilitation for those interested in creating a joy-filled life in retirement. These self-discovery and growth processes may be expressed as an “IRT” experience: Identify…Release…and Transform. All experiences incorporate and honor body, mind, and spirit aspects of personal growth and wellness. MARI engagements are offered as individual consults and introductory group workshops. QET consults are offered on an individual basis. IONS “Conscious Aging” worshops and other consults are offered through the Kearns Spirituality Center located in Allison Park. These workshops may also be offered in other venues as requested.