1. Prerequisites:
    1. MARI® Intensive Training.
    2. Complete supervision for MARI® Practitioner Certification.
    3. Accredited Master’s degree:
      1.  Those who possess an accredited Master’s degree with at least 48 credits in one of the mental health, art therapy, and other related professions will potentially be able to offer Continuing Education Credits with the National Board of Certified Counselors.
      2. Those who possess other accredited Master’s degrees may not be able to offer the above CEUs, however, these candidates may be in a position to pursue the offering of CE clock hours with other professional agencies.
  2. Basic Teacher Requirements:
    1. Read three books:
      1. Theodor Abt, Introduction to Picture Interpretation According to C. G. Jung — available on Amazon
      2. Joan Kellogg, Path of Beauty – available on the MARI website.
      3. Anthony Stevens, Ariadne’s Clue: A Guide to the Symbols of Mankind—available on Amazon
      4. And respond to the STUDY QUESTIONS form
  3. Read and go over the teachers manual and discuss
  4. Complete 50 (fifty) MARI /mandala combinations—photos of Mandala and Great Round –that are submitted in to Jill Zikmund at jill@expmari.com . If the pictures are not clearly visible-you may also need to submit a copy of the scoring sheet.
  5. Review and sign all applicable legal contracts related to providing MARI training and be in compliance with all reporting and recording of necessary records to allow the maintenance of the MARI as a viable Certification Instrument.
  6. Translate the MARI manual into the language of your country –if it is not English and this has not already been completed by a teacher in your country. (More information available on request).
  7. As a teacher you are required to have an active up- to- date web site and link your web site to MARI Creative Resources.com
  8. You are strongly encouraged to do research that is submitted to –and posted on the MARI Creative Resources web site. This original research belongs to you and you are permitted to charge those who wish to obtain it. However MARI Creative Resources will have permission to use this research in articles that maybe submitted to journals in the field. You will be credited and cited in any articles.
  9. The Teacher’s fee includes the general materials needed to teach and promote a class, such as the power points, music, certificate templates, and sample fliers.

Teacher Information & Availability

Jill Rogers – Mon morning & early afternoons; Fri early evening; Sat mornings (EST) · Bio

Training Costs–training fees of $2,000.00. This fee can be split into two three or four segments over the course of your training.  Fee will be invoiced via PayPal unless other mutually agreeable options are made. Pay Pal fees will apply (usually 3-4%)