Where do I get training?

The training dates and locations of LIVE trainings are always updated on our web site.

MARI Creative Resources also offers webinars and virtual classroom trainings that can be taken in your home.


Who can take the training?

MARI assessments:
MARI is a non-verbal and non-threatening assessment tool. As a tool, it can be used for ages fourteen and up. It is not recommended for the assessment of children.

If you are interested in getting a MARI assessment, you may schedule with any MARI practitioner or teacher listed on our website. The typical cost of a one-time (2 hour) assessment experience with MARI is around $100.00. (MARI is one of the selections on the Behavioral Health menu at Canyon Ranch, the premier health spa in the US and one of the top ten spas in the world. A MARI assessment at Canyon Ranch is called “A Look Into Your Psyche” and costs around $150 for 50 minutes.)

MARI training:
Although it is recommended for mental health professionals, with few exceptions, anyone can be trained on MARI.


How many levels of training are there?

In the past Levels 1 and 2 were taught separately -actually on two different weekends. Today, we offer a combined Level 1 and 2 class called the MARI INTENSIVE. We have been able to shorten our training time for numerous reasons: The manual is fabulous and helpful. Power points and experiential exercises allow us to synthesize the most important elements. You will learn everything you need to know in the INTENSIVE class.

Practice, however is very important. The more you do MARI, the more you understand it. Practicing with others gives you the opportunity to integrate what you have learned and the information in the manuals with each new MARI. The on-line MARI is typically spread out over many weeks. Because you are taking the online class at home, you have access to people to practice with and more time to do it. For this reason, practice time is part of the on-line class. Eight practice MARI/mandala sessions are required to become a Certified MARI Practitioner – and typically students start to feel comfortable after they have done this.

In the INTENSIVE you will get all the information you need to do MARI as practice. Because you are often away from home when attending MARI class, you do not have people to practice with. Practice, however is important. For this reason, you typically will not do your practice MARI/mandala combinations until you return home. After you have completed eight MARI/mandala sessions, you then contact your original teacher or any other teacher who supervise on-line practicum.

Teacher training is also offered on-line. You must have at least a masters degree in a mental health field to begin teacher training. Please contact MARI Creative Resources for more information.


How much does it cost?

MARI INTENSIVE TRAINING – Online – $699.99 includes practicum

MARI LIVE TRAINING -Tuition costs are variable -depending on numerous factors such as whether or not practicum is included, the teacher is renting space, it is on a cruise, early registration savings, etc. Typically the live trainings cost between $499.00 -$699.00.

MATERIALS FEE -$325.00 – Materials include MARI cards, Great Round board, scoring pads, the MARI manual, white felt cloth, and tote bag. When you purchase MARI materials, you are purchasing licensed and copy-written materials that are not available to the public.


Do I get CE clock hours?

Yes. MARI Creative Resources is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements.This ACEP is fully responsible for all aspects of the program.


What are the options for training?

Live Training – Anyone who has taken MARI training will tell you taking a live training is best. The training is deeply personal. The student has the experience of seeing and processing their own MARI for the first time. In addition, they are introduced to a vast amount of material -that is presented in numerous formats such as power point, lecture, hands on, question and answer and experiential.

Webinar – this option is also live. The student calls in and is part of a live audio training. They can ask questions and interact with others. The visuals are viewed on a computer screen.

Virtual Classroom – the student sees and can interact with the teacher and other students

We come to you. A MARI teacher will come to your area if there are have at least ten interested students. With this option, the student who has inquired is responsible for attracting and organizing the new students and obtaining a classroom for training. The student who does this will receive a reduction in their own tuition.


Why is MARI training so special?

The training involves your whole brain. The left brain is filled with information about color, symbol and stage. While there is much to learn, we provide a wonderful manual for the Intensive MARI training. The manual includes color  pages so there is stronger visual connection to the colors in the kit.  The student will have ready access to the information after training in print as well as visual queues.

At the same time the right brain is fully activated. The learner creates mandala and chooses their own MARI symbol and color cards. They see the results of their own psychic process and contents in the MARI for the first time -so it is deeply personal and often emotional.

The training is designed to focus on the student first as the “person taking” the MARI. As the class unfolds, the training shifts to teach the student to become the “person who is giving the MARI.”

Perhaps the most important reason why MARI is so special is because it is rooted in wholeness.

Wholeness is literally a stage on the MARI that is in the world but not of the world. It is a stage that informs and grounds every other stage. This perspective provides a transpersonal and positive perspective for the MARI, and all interpretations of symbol and color flow from this perspective.


Refund and Grievance Policy

Any person who is not satisfied with the MARI training or materials may contact owner, Michele Takei at mari4info@gmail.com or (919) 821-4222 to discuss any issue. In most cases, a full refund for tuition will be issued to the student upon return of the materials. Any training materials that are deemed less than satisfactory will be replaced at no cost to the student.

Cancellation and Refund policy

A class may be cancelled if the number of students does not meet the expectations of the teacher. Students who have pre-registered will be notified. Students who have paid a partial or full deposit will have all monies for materials and tuition refunded.

Students, who have signed up for a live class that is cancelled for any reason, will have the opportunity to attend the live on-line classes that are accessed via computer and held on a regular basis, if they desire.