There is a better, faster and more accurate way to understand people. We are human animals. We have lived as a species for millions of years. We have learned, over countless generations how to keep ourselves safe. We have lived close to nature and have been informed by her for countless millennia. How can we not be a part of this collective, instinctual and intuitive knowledge? As humans, we respond intuitively to colors and symbols. We also know that this intuitive response is our most reliable sense.

Studies reveal that we pick up cues from our environments that keep us safe on an unconscious level long before we ever know it something consciously. Our whole body mind is a receptive system designed to keep us safe. Our most reliable sense is our intuition and the things we know instinctively. Nothing is more reliable. MARI accesses this knowing because it is based on our most reliable senses. It is as reliable as our intuitive and instinctual choices of color and symbol. You can’t trick MARI.

The symbol and color pairs are laid out on the Great Round a series of twelve developmental stages. These stages are arranged in the exact same way humans process the environment. On a neurological level we conceive of forward motion through time in the same way that the sun traverses the sky. The developmental stages of the MARI, similarly, are arranged in the same way. The MARI, like our brains, is linked to the environment and cued to the natural cycles.

The MARI is so much more than a paper and pencil test that is typically machine scored. It is so much more than sitting and talking with a counselor, who has little to go on other than what you tell him or her.

Most importantly, the developmental stages of the MARI are all informed by a central stage that is rooted in meaning and purpose. The central stage represents wholeness.  It is this positive, transpersonal perspective that anchors the whole MARI process in meaning. Wholeness is inherent in MARI and informs every aspect of a MARI session.