“Well, it is amazing how a symbol represents something, isn’t it? The moment you discuss what the card/color selections could mean, you recognize their significance for you on a deeper level. It is not as if somebody tells or teaches you something you did not know, but now you can see it. The MARI® is a down-to-earth instrument, but when a person experiences this process he or she realizes that there is indeed a fruitful dialogue possible with our Inner Knowing…The MARI® is an encounter on another level – in another language even – resonating in our souls. A pathway to the Transpersonal Dimension is laid. I work with the MARI® in this way.”
-Paula van Rein, Gestalt Therapist, Holland

“MARI® is an ‘insight-full’ process. It translates our ongoing unconscious inner dialog. MARI® brings to the surface an accurate, easily self-validated description of our current psychic process. It shows us in symbol and color that which our intuition begs us to pay attention. It gives us opportunity to apply inner awareness to everyday issues. It is like being able to recapture the momentary clarity of a lost dream that was here and then gone. Self-knowledge, focused with the MARI® process, is as good an integrative tool for writing one’s own prescription for better endings and new beginnings than any process I’ve experienced in sixty-plus years of searching.”

-Thomas Merton Brightman, MARI® Practitioner
The Change of Heart Center
Baltimore, MD, 410-667-0006,

“I have been using the MARI® Assessment for 12 years, in private practice for 7 years. The MARI® Assessment is a valuable tool: It gives me an integrative and evolutionary understanding of the Individuation process. I have been continually amazed by the scope and congruency of results in medical, psychoanalytical and transpersonal dimensions.”

-Naila Gazale-Lowe, MPS, ATR
Winston-Salem, NC

What students are saying about trainings and the MARI®…

The Benefits of MARI® ~ A Better, Newer Approach To Healing Body, Mind and Spirit, Francesca Durham August 2nd 2016

“Everything in consensus reality pulls us away from ourselves. The MARI® brings us back to true ourselves. It pierces the veil, and once it is pierced, the outer constructed self just disappears. It is almost like instant revelation and transformation! The MARI® reveals information from the ‘completed self.’ Once we come from that place -a place of wholeness and completeness – it allows for instant understanding and mastery of the self. From this new place, clients are determined to work their lives because the new knowledge and understanding is now in their hands. Clients even provide their own guidance and solutions for their issues. I am amazed how well the MARI® process works. I use it with every client and can never go back to traditional approaches I used to use.”
-K.S. from New York

“The training far succeeded my expectations.”

-C.S. from Pennsylvania

“I loved it. I wish it were longer! There is so much richness. I feel I have only scratched the surface -and can’t wait to learn more and do more MARIs!”

-M.W. from Ohio

“The training surpassed my expectations. I did not realize how much depth was involved.”

-R.S. from Canada

“I absolutely loved the training. I loved everything about it!”

-H.K. from Pennsylvania

“The training was much more comprehensive and in-depth than I had imagined. I feel I developed more self-knowledge in addition to learning about a tool that can help others also learn about themselves.”

-S.T. from Maryland

What people are saying about the MARI®…

“Receiving a MARI® assessment is a priceless gift. I feel as though the last piece of the puzzle of who I am has finally snapped into place. The MARI® acts as a mirror of truth and has answered so many questions that I have struggled with for the past three decades. It has changed how I view myself, view others and view the world around me. I am so grateful for this……”
-B.T. from Ohio

“I was amazed by the accuracy and depth of the MARI® assessment. I was amazed by how much my specific marital issues were spotlighted, so as to give clarity and focus on specific resolutions. Shelley is extremely fluent in the interpretation of the MARI® to the extent that I felt she was looking into my soul. She also showed me how I revealed my soul, which she skillfully read.

As a retired attorney, as a father of a counselor, and friend of a number of therapists, I recognize MARI® as an invaluable tool in focusing attribution and healing on those things, in a person, that most need it. She helps seekers understand themselves.

It takes the guesswork and worry out of who we are, and where we want to go, especially the way that Shelley conducts the session.
This has been a life-defining experience.”

-J.M. from Pennsylvania

An incredible tool that leads us to living a more authentic life! Through the simple act of drawing a picture and picking a few cards,believe it or not.. you can become aware of and better understand your subconscious processing….and having then SEEN your psyche laid out in front of you.. a shift in your brain occurs..no longer are your inner processings an abstract concept, you are now FULLY AWARE  & this is where you become empowered as now you are at the helm – consciously aware of how to continue living your life!