MARI® Live Online Training

Live on-line training is just like a Live class only you are taking it in live time with a live teacher via “Go-To-Meeting.” Chances are there will also be others who are taking the live on-line class with you. The hours of an on-line class can be more flexible and are determined between the teacher and student(s). The MARI materials are sent to you prior to the beginning of class.

Because you take the ONLINE TRAINING at home, you typically do have people to practice with and Practitioner is included as the next natural and final step in your on-line training.

PRACTITIONER – Supervised Practice (for live on-line training)

Administer eight (8) MARI /mandala combinations to others under the supervision of a Certified MARI teacher – after you have returned home from completion of a live training.

What is Practitioner?
After learning everything you need to know in the Live On-line MARI Intensive, you now continue naturally into the final step of learning -which is actually administering MARI to others. During this level of supervised practice, called Practitioner, all of your learning comes together as you begin to practice with others, under the helpful guidance of your teacher.

During Practitioner, which has more flexible hours determined between you and your supervising teacher and your other classmates, you will submit eight (8) MARI/mandala combinations via the “Go-To-Meeting” format just as you did in class.

Once you have completed Practitioner status, you may be listed on the website as a certified practitioner.

MARI® Live Online Training Cost: $799.00 (includes Practitioner)
There is an additional cost of $325.00 for certified MARI materials.
There is an additional fee for shipping. Varies according to country.  (The materials are sent directly to the student.)
Total Cost (before shipping) – $1124

MARI® Live In-Person Training

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANothing is better than a live class -and live classes are offered all over the world by our MARI teachers. Often the location is part of what makes learning MARI so enjoyable. In a live class, you and other students will enjoy the expertise of a teacher and the shared experience with other students.

Please know that if you want to put together a class of ten or more students at your location, there may be teachers who will gladly travel to you.

To inquire about any live classes or to set up a training at your location – please contact Jill Rogers at

MARI Creative Resources Center has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider​, ACEP No. 6335. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. MARI Creative Resources Center is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. COMPLETION OF AN UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE (BA OR BS) IS REQUIRED BEFORE BEGINNING MARI TRAINING.

Students are awarded 21 contact hours upon completion of the MARI intensive Training (both Live Training and Live On-Line Training)

Program Registration Requirements:

Program Registration for Live and Live On-Line Classes

  1. You can register for LIVE classes by contacting:
    – the teacher who is teaching the live class you desire
    – the host venue, such as Ursuline College or Fellowships of the Spirit
    – or, Michele Takei or Jill Zikmund (see contact information below.)
  2. Program Registration for. Live On-Line classes
    You can register for LIVE ON-LINE classes by contacting the Jill at or visit this page to register online.

Program Content and Learning Objectives:

  1. Program Content
    Workshop Description: This course will provide students an working understanding of MARI and its use as a therapeutic tool with clients ranging from inpatient settings to its use as a ‘wellness’ based tool for personal growth. Through the use of hands-on demonstration, experiential activities, group discussion and presentation, this course will explore of how the MARI from each students own personal journey and progress to its use as a therapeutic tool.
  2. Learning Objectives: Masters Level
    The student will:

    1. Become more familiar with Joan Kellogg’s’ system called Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI).
      1. Understanding of the great round and cycle of the MARI stages.
      2. Beginning understanding of the symbols and color combinations at these stages.
    2. Using MARI as a Therapeutic tool in a counseling process.
      1. Apply the combined color and symbol system to counseling practice for insight enhancement.
      2. Structuring questions and that guide and support the client in their unconscious process.
      3. Incorporation in counseling setting from inpatient to a personal growth ‘wellness’ tool.
    3. Integration of the MARI system with Mandala work.
      1. Interpretation of mandalas using MARI stages, symbols, and colors
      2. Using MARI to support therapeutic process in relation to personal in client treatments.

The name and qualifications of each program presenter: Teachers List Page

The number of NBCC contact hours offered for completion of the program:

The basic number of contact hours for the MARI Intensive is 21. This does not include practitioner, as contact hours are not given for this practice, learning and fine-tuning time with the live teacher.

A live training is typically 7 hours a day for 3 full days. A live training does not include Practitioner status because the students must return home and administer eight (8) MARI/mandala combinations which, when ready, they submit to their supervising teacher. The   completion of Practitioner is flexible and based on the student’s access to subjects, comfort level and timing.

A live on-line training will also reflect 21 hours of direct on-line learning with a real teacher. The schedule, however, is often more flexible and is determined by the teacher, current group of students and time zones.
Practitioner status is often a natural continuation of the on-line training with the same teacher, although no contact hours are given.

Provider contact information:

MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)

Michele Takei
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 821-4222

Jill Rogers
Sharon, Pa. 16146
(724) 699-9056

MARI® Teacher Training

Students having completed live or online course study can apply for teacher training.

Students applying for Teacher Training must have a minimum of a Masters Degree in professional mental health field from a fully approved university.

See more information here.

MARI Creative Resources Center has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider​, ACEP No. 6335. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. MARI Creative Resources Center is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.